We have listed multiple projects that have been completed in the past. These projects range in size and scope. We have completed far to many to list but here is a select few we have had the pleasure of being apart of. Please feel free to browse the list.



Structured cabling

Completed 2000-2007

Daytona Beach News Journal Center

Structured cabling

Completed 2006

Mainland High School

Structured cabling

Completed 2007

Volusia County Evidence Facility

Completed 2019

Florida Hospital Cobblestone

Paging, AV

Completed 2012

Ocean Center


Structured cabling, AV

Completed 2009

Daytona Beach Kennel Club

Structured cabling

Completed 2008

Oceanside Country Club Remodel

Structured cabling, Cameras, AV

Completed 2020

Halifax Hospital Daytona Beach

Structured cabling, Cameras, Nurse Call

Completed 2003-2019

Ormond Beach Cancer Center

Structured cabling, Paging

Completed 2010



Access Control, Cameras, Gates, WAPs

Completed 2016-Current

Plantation Oaks Ormond Beach

Structured cabling, Cameras, Gates, Burglary system, AV, WAPs

Completed 2019

(Images used are taken by Lumina Group, Inc or used with the permission of the pictures copyright holder)