Emergency DAS

Emergency DAS

Lumina Group, Inc. is a certified installer of Surecall Emergency DAS systems.

  • Federal regulations requires larger new and existing buildings to have an Emergency DAS system installed for the safety of first responders.

  • This system ensures radios continue to work during an emergency situation for an example such as a fire when the responders are in the building.

  • We will work with your local AHJ to make sure your building is within the requirements for your area. Each AHJ has different requirements.

  • Each system is designed for your building. Emergency DAS systems are not one size fits all. Let our team of experts design your system.

  • A Yagi donor antenna will be used to reach the radio tower and send it through the building.

  • Indoor antennas will be placed around the building to maximize the spread of the signal. The antenna types are a low profile ceiling mount dome for a 360 degree spread and a panel antenna for a longer hallways for garage bay/ warehouse aisles scenario.