Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

We at Lumina Group, Inc. feel you should have peace of mind when your away from your home or business. We offer cost effective solutions for all your surveillance needs. Not all surveillance systems are created equal and its also not one size fits all. Be it a 1 mega pixel camera or an 8 mega pixel camera we tailor your system to fit your unique needs and budget requirements.

  • We offer ENS DVR systems for HD analog cameras for our customers who must keep a close watch on their property and on their budgets. This system offers excellent image quality at a fair price. The DVR is viewable from any PC or mobile device if the system has an internet connection.

  • We offer ENS NVR systems and IP cameras for our customers who want to have the highest image quality for an affordable price. The cameras in this system can have a fixed lens, Vari Focal lens, motorized lens to give you control of the zoom and focus, or a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) for complete control of the camera at all times. The NVR is viewable from any PC or mobile device if the system has an internet connection.

  • Don’t be hassled with looking at 3 days of video to find out what happened. With our EZ search, finding an event can be quick and easy!

  • We offer specialty cameras as well such as a camera to record and log license plates.

  • During these trying times with the covid-19 pandemic we also offer cameras that have thermal technology to take the temperature of visitors and employees to spot someone with a fever. These cameras can also alert personnel if someone is not wearing a mask to help keep you, your employees and their loved ones safe.

  • All ENS equipment comes with a 3-year limited manufactures warranty.