Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions

We at Lumina Group, Inc. understand the growing need for a strong dependable wireless network for all your in home WIFI devices, the aggravation of signing in and out of different WIFI networks in your home due to the store bought WIFI extenders or cable company wireless devices. Let our team install a robust wireless mesh network so you don’t need to worry about it anymore. We also offer wireless bridge technology and Air Fiber so you can get WIFI or your network to remote locations on your property by just having line of sight. No more trenching a pipe or running cables long distances to get your network to your remote buildings.

  • We use Ubiquiti products for all our wireless installations.

  • We pre-program your SSID and password to the devices before they are installed so its just plug and play for the customer.

  • We offer Cloud keys to customers who need us to manage the network remotely.

  • The Ubiquiti WAPS look like a smoke detector for a sleek low profile look. They can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall depending on the application.

  • They offer both the 2.4 GHz wavelengths for all your smart home accessory’s and 5 GHz wavelengths for your phones and computers.

  • The Ubiquiti bridges use a transmitter with a receiver to link your remote buildings to your network. A network switch or a WAP would be installed after the receiver to give you connections to your network. Total up-link and down-link speeds depend on your current internet package and the model of the bridge installed.

  • The Air Fiber works the same way as the Ubiquiti bridges, but the amount of bandwidth provided is much higher making it great for business applications that need to push lots of information without the need of a monthly bill from their cable provider.

  • All Ubiquiti equipment comes with a 1-year limited manufactures warranty.