Troubleshooting Services

Troubleshooting Services

Here at Lumina Group, Inc. we have a combined expertise of over 100 years in the telecommunications industry. Let our experts diagnose, identify and troubleshoot the issues you may be having with your existing systems.

  • Gate entry systems

  • Rolling and chop arm gate systems

  • Access control systems

  • Video distribution systems

  • Electrical issues

  • Phone switches: IP and Analog (coming soon!)

  • Burglar systems (coming soon!)

  • Induction loop systems (coming soon!)

  • Fiber-optic termination kits to repair damaged fiber

  • Fiber-optic Fusion Splicers to make repairs if the damage requires a fusion splice

  • We Own our own test equipment to diagnose and resolve your issues in most cases on the same day you contact us

  • OTDR Fiber-optic tester to test and find breaks or damage in your fiber-optic cables. We can tell you where the break or damage is in your fiber-optic cable down to a few feet

  • DB signal meter to test the strength of your TV signals

  • RF Meters to test the signal strength of your cell service

  • Category Cable certification testers to test and certify cat 5, 5E, 6 and 6A category cabling

  • Ground tracers to locate and track under ground copper cabling

  • Digital sound level meter to test and balance all types of audio systems from paging, background music, white/pink noise generators, whole house audio and theater rooms

  • Camera testers and monitors for both IP and Analog systems