Cellular DAS

Cellular DAS

Lumina Group, Inc. is a certified level 2 installer of the Surecall Cellular DAS systems.

  • The Surecall cellular DAS system is a modular system making it ideal for small offices or business environments, but can be scaled up for larger installs.

  • The cellular DAS takes the existing signal strength from outside and sends it through the building removing the loss from E-glass and other building materials.

  • An Omni Directional donor antenna will be used to collect the existing signal strength from multiple carriers to have it sent through the system.

  • A Yagi donor antenna will be used if there is poor outdoor signal to reach far away cell towers and send it through the building.

  • Indoor antennas will be placed around the building to maximize the spread of the signal. The antenna types are a low profile ceiling mount dome for a 360 degree spread and a panel antenna for longer hallways or for garage bay/ warehouse aisles scenario.

  • Each Surecall Cellular DAS booster is FCC compliant.